Icelandic Sheep

Icelandic sheep are a primitive, hardy breed that are a pleasure to work with and produce gorgeous fiber. Icelandic fleece is dual-coated. The long outer coat is called Tog and the fine inner coat, Thel. When separated, the outer and inner coats are used for different woolen products.

Tog is generally classified as a medium wool around 27 micrometers in diameter. It is good for weaving and other durable products.

Thel, being the finer wool and classified as such, is generally around 20 micrometers in diameter. This fine wool is used for garments that touch the skin.

Tog and thel are processed together to produce lopi, a distinctive knitting wool that is only made from the fleece of Icelandic sheep.

We offer raw fleeces in many beautiful colors. These fleeces are prized by hand spinners and felters alike. Spring fleeces and rovings now available.  Contact us for photos and pricing.

A limited number of Fiber Sheep are available each year.  If you are thinking of adding Icelandics to your farm or homestead, contact us for up to date availability.

For more info on these gorgeous animals, visit the Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America (ISBONA).