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 Our Heritage Breeds:

American Guinea Hogs
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 Guinea Hogs

 We are adding a third line to our breeding program in 2014 . We will have 5 litters this year, with breeding pair/trios available.  Reservations or deposits will reserve piglets for you and you have the option to name your piglet at that time to save on registration costs later.


Welcome to Flint and Steel Farm!  We are a small homestead farm nestled in the hills between Naples and Italy Valley in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York State's Wine Country.  When we started our farm in 2005, we chose livestock that would fit in naturally with our love of history, related specifically to the heritage of our country.   Thanks to the help of many wonderful folks who were so giving of their knowledge, we began our breed selection.  We wanted hardy breeds, which would thrive on our pastures. We were looking for animals that were easy to work around (I am small!), good mothers and had good pest and disease resistance.  Since it is very cold and snowy here, the animals had to be winter hardy.  They should also provide food or fiber and valuable breeding stock.  Some breeds we chose were very rare, such as the American Guinea Hog and Narragansett Turkey. Without the help of small homestead farms, these breeds could disappear forever.  We cannot afford to loose this piece of history!   Flint and Steel Farm has joined a growing number of small farms dedicated to preserving these breeds.  For more information about Heritage Breeds, visit the links referenced below.  We hope you enjoy our photos!  As we build our farm and our website, we will add pages about each breed.  Happy Farming!   
We just love this breed! They are social, easy to work around and very easy keepers. They are pastured here with 18" electronet fence which works for us year round. Even with several feet of snow they respect the fence and I simply kick the snow away from the top to define the boundries. These personable porcines are far and away the easiest keepers on the farm. They are great mothers and we have never seen any aggression, even with a new litter.
In 2012 we had four litters of piglets go to new homes and in 2013 we will again be able to offer unrelated pairs/ trios to those wishing to start their own breeding programs. This is the perfect "Homestead" pig, easy to work with and a provider of tasty home grown pork. The American Guinea Hog is listed in the Slow Foods USA " Arc of Good Taste". Please call or email us for information or to make a deposit to hold a piglet.  Visit the links referenced below for information on this wonderful breed. 



We just love these personable little milkers. They are the clowns of the farmyard. We love watching them bouncing and playing in the pasture!. We have one registered and one grade doe due in June and we can also supply you with the name of a local breeder. 



We are very excited about our Heritage Turkeys. We awaiting the arrival of a breeding pair of Bourbons this year.We enjoy "talking Turkey" with our flock, they are very social! We aren't sure which was a bigger hit at Thanksgiving, the bird on the table or the ones "greeting" the guests in the front yard!  

Our Egg layers are a mixed flock of Heritage breeds and our meat chickens are Freedom Rangers (although not an old breed a wonderful alternative for the homesteader who doesn't want to use modern Cornish Rock breed). We have been  extremely pleased with the Rangers for the past 5 years. They are easy to work with, fatten nicely on pasture, and delicious!



ALBC:      American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
AGHA:     American Guinea Hog Association 
                    Slow Food USA            



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